Weekly Planners I'm Crushing Over

7 of the Best Weekly Planners Out There

Aaaaah, January. One of the most promising months of the year. We're all so full of expectation, so overwhelmed by plans, so desperate to find motivation to go for a 6 a.m run...

The struggle is real, people!

I'm determined to keep up with the giddy stimulus that I woke up with on January 1st so I've been looking at tools to help me stay focused throughout the whole year.

This is why, I've been doing a little research and have compiled this list of seven, delightfully beautiful weekly planners. Perfect for anyone who, like myself, wants her/his dates in a diary, shopping lists on coloured paper and doodles & crazy ideas kept inside beautifully crafted notepads #oldschool.

Check this out:

The Best Weekly Planners:

The Day Designer

This US based company makes the most insanely beautiful stationary, including Day Designers - a simple and easy system created to help you find balance, focus and productivity.

Weekly planners_day designer

Carrara 2017 Daily Planner Diary by HELLO DAY

So, can we take two minutes to appreciate how gorgeous this planner is? It's marbled, it's gold, it comes in a box, it's £50 and that hurts my feelings. Can you be physically attracted to an object? I'm starting to think so...

Weekly planner_notonthehighstreet

2017 Vision And Goals Spark Diary / Planner by SARAH HURLEY

If for some strange reason you don't fancy spending £50 on a diary, here's a more reasonable alternative that can also help you create and track achievements in style. And you don't miss out on the coveted marbled effect. Hurrah!

Weekly planner_notonthehighstreet

Sugar Paper® Kraft Weekly Planner, 2017

Here's one for the minimalist planner. All the hustle with none of the hassle. BOOM!


And speaking of hustle, here's a daily planner that can potentially change your game this year. It has really unique content, including things like holiday planners, home management tabs and even a password log. Oh, and the whole range is drop dead cool. Can somebody get me one, please?

weekly planner

A6 Monthly Planner v.2 from Sticker Stack

If structure doesn't quite cut it for you, here's a cool option you may want to try out this year. It's undated, so you can start using it whenever you're ready to start a new project and on top of that, Sticker Stack offer a bunch of cool adhesives that you can play with, adding a scrapbook feel to your dream planning game.

weekly planner

DDLBiz® Molang Diary Weekly Planner Agenda Notepad Notebook Cute Rabbit (White)And if you're big on planning but not so huge on spending too many pennies on a planner, here's a cheap and cheerful option that includes a handy calendar view and 200 pages to schedule your day-to-day.

weekly planner

And there you have it, a first and necessary step towards achieving all your 2017 dreams. Feliz Año Nuevo, amigos!


Note: Planner on my featured image is from My Little Box