Updates, News & Apologies

Hey amigos,

For the fab and few of you who are following my blog systematically, I'd like to apologise for the drought I have put you through this last month. How awful of me to leave you hanging...

In my defence, I'll say that it's been the busiest period of my entire life (possibly) with work deadlines looming over a socially explosive agenda which I've detailed below for your enjoyment.

1. Everyone has decided to age or get married in the days of May/June.


2.We've moved into our dream home.


3. We finally made it to New York, New York!!


More than half way through this month of hyperactivity, the good news is that I have survived and find myself in good spirits. The even better news is that I feel recharged and ready to give this blog a bit of a go. I will be uploading picture features of the new home, showing off about my time in the Big Apple and writing a few natural beauty posts of products I've loved this month.

Keep tuned and keep in touch.

You know you love me, XOXO, Goss...oh wait.

Mucho love,