Love from Me2You with Tub4Grub

At the start of the year, I made a list of twelve affirmations I wanted to concentrate on in 2017. February, I selected to focus on LOVE.

And so, I’m excited to have found a great initiative that’s very close to my heart and goal for that month - the Tub4Grub in support of Action Against Hunger by The Collective.

The Low-Down:

The Collective is a fairly recent addition to the UK food landscape but their ‘no bull’ promise, supported by their tongue-in-cheek branding and tasty dairy offering is slowly but surely taking over fridges nationwide.

Tub4Grub is an ambitious (and delicious) project that is aiming to raise £20,000 for Action Against Hunger - the organisation freeing impoverished communities from the claws of hunger.

With every special tub of Collective Yoghurt you purchase, 50p will be donated to the cause, which has already amassed an impressive £10K. Your help is still needed to hit the necessary target!

If all this love towards humanity isn’t quite enough for ya, The Collective have crafted up a genius plan to help you show some amore to your fellow humans. It’s inviting all yoghurt chompers to get handsy and utilise their tubs to gift neighbours, loved ones and community members with yummy treats or crafty gifts.

My first tub is going to Eddie, who has spent the last month working extremely hard. I've made some super easy Sweet & Salty truffles (following a recipe from my bro) which I rather hilariously named 'Choco Balls' - slight pun pride over here...


Now, it's your turn. Have you got a colleague who regularly skips breakfast? Present them with some homemade granola in a tub. Does your BFF indulge in weekly BK for lunch? Sneak some tasty couscous into their briefcase. Any gesture, no matter how small, will help promote the sense of care and responsibility towards one another that much further.

I’m really excited to start sharing the love in such an easy and worthy way. Apart from my Choco Balls, I’m planning on building some ‘care packages’ for those friends spending too many hours sitting at their desks. Relaxing bath salts for those wintery nights, hot chocolate mixes to be drank in front of Netflix and some hearty banana loaf for their elevensies. Oh, the possibilities are endless!

For more information and ideas on how to stuff your tubs, jump on to The Collective.

Mucho love,
Clara x