The Yellow Caramelo Candle Range is Here!

Candles by The Yellow Caramel

I'm thrilled to announce that after years of trying, testing, and burning my finger tips, I'm ready to launch my candle range onto the wider public.

Starting cautiously with a small batch and a reduced target audience, the first range comprises of three different scents, all inspired by a drive to bring tranquility and hygge to my own home.

I've been fascinated by candles from a very young age. Everything about them brings me joy. I'm all about the little things, you know?

A few years ago, I discovered the high toxicity of paraffin candles - which most high-street candles are made of - the shocking discovery talked of pollutants and CO2 emissions. Pollutants? In my own home? Hell no!

So I started looking at healthier options and stumbled across soy and beeswax as an eco-friendlier solution. However, as you may have noticed, these types of waxes are eye watering expensive. Especially when you start looking into scented or stylish formats. So, as the savvy shopper that I am, I decided to make my own. And present them to friends and family as gifts on special occasions.

And that brings me to this point. Tomorrow, together with my lovely friend Anna-Marie, I will be selling my first range of non-toxic, vegan candles from Ham Library.

Here's the lowdown:


My personal favourite. Calm is infused with the calming (obviously!) fragrance of lavender, which is beautifully anchored down by cedarwood and rosemary, known to be good fighters of anxiety and boosters of mood.

soycandle_by the yellow caramelo


On the other side of the spectrum, I have Renew, a tingly blend of lemongrass and tea tree oil that invigorates the mind and helps promote self-esteem, as lemongrass has effective anti-depressant properties. I like to use this blend to help me wake up, especially when I'm practicing yoga first thing in the morning.

soycandle_by the yellow caramelo


As it's the season to be jolly, I have added a Christmas special to the range. This one unites the most evocative scents of Christmas (at least for me!) sweet orange, cinnamon, and frankincense. All these ingredients, are powerful and rich, perfectly decadent for the Christmas period. Frankincense is healing whilst cinnamon reinvigorates blood and metabolism and, historically, it was thought to bring wealth to the wearer. And who doesn't need a little help after all the expenditure of the season?

soycandle_by the yellow caramelo

I have really enjoyed the entire process of blending my own scents, designing, and hand pouring the candles. It's still very early days but I hope I can grow this passion project into something more serious that will help bring a little bit of what I love to life.

For any more information or for your own candle, please, feel free to contact me via email.