The Perfect Day Trifecta by Cameron Diaz

How to have the Perfect Day

Well, there's definitely something about Cameron Diaz. And with the release of her latest work The Longevity Book she welcomes us to peek into her sacred methodology to looking so damn well past 40. All hail!

It turns out, the super babe, trusts in 3 simple rules to stay young as we age and feeling balanced day in and day out.

And the recipe couldn't be simpler:

1. Sufficient rest:

Getting enough sleep so that you wake up naturally, refreshed and renewed.

2. A healthy diet:

Keeping energy levels at a constant high by regularly snacking on wholesome and nutritious foods.

3. Keeping active:

Daily activity will keep your body balanced and lively. It doesn't have to be a backbreaking bootcamp or fancy yogalates (I just made that up. But I bet that actually exists!) class, it can be something as simple as a walk around the woods, a dance session in your living room or making your bed with purpose every morning.

And that simple, yet often difficult to achieve, trifecta is what we should all be defaulting to as we aim to keep our mind, body and soul feeling in synched.

Cameron insists that it's not just these actions but the relationship between them that bring about a healthy, happy day.

And only one element of the trifecta of strength is not enough, and two out of three won’t cut it, either. Letting these basic needs become imbalanced hurts our hearts, hurts our brains, and speeds up the rate of aging in our cells and organs.

What will you do today to edge ever closer to your happy routine?

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Hope that serves you well.

With love,