Product Spotlight - Bobbi Brown Extra Face Oil

bobbi brown extra face oil review

I'd like to dedicated this super quick Product Spotlight to a new magic product I got in my Christmas stocking this year - Bobbi Brown's Extra Face Oil. (Now, don't let the name mislead you. This is not a product for your extra face. It's just extra good. You get me?)

I've only been using this seriously for a week. By seriously, I mean I'm religiously applying it every night after cleansing. But, one week in and I am loving it. It's non-greasy, very light and, for now, not causing my skin to break into a million spots.

Looking at the ingredients, I understand why my skin is giving it such a reception. A softening and caring blend of Vitamin E and sesame, sweet almond, olive, and jojoba oils that is perfect for a face nearing the later 20s.

Bobbi Brown herself considers this her ‘everything oil', recommending you 'use it alone, layer it with moisturizer, and even pat it over foundation for an extra glow.'

The price tag on this is a little large for 30ml so I recommend you get yourself a sample and give it a few test runs before you make the commitment.

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