Product Spotlight - Beauty Blenders

Well, I'm a fool. All this time invested in researching and hunting down the best make-up brushes and now it turns out, all I really needed was an oddly shaped sponge... thang.

You've probably seen it featured in many beauty blogger's vids and that's because this little fella's blending abilities are off the scale, making application easy for flawless skin and an air-brushed finished.

But here are a few things the little Amish boy inside me didn't know about these blenders.

1. Wet one:

Before you do anything, run your sponge under the tap and squeeze all the excess water out. This will enlarge your blender, soften its texture and help your foundation set with a better consistency.

2. Dab , dab, dab!:

Keep your sponge busy by applying your foundation with quick tapping motions.

3. Size is your friend:

Use the wider edge of your sponge on the bigger areas - cheeks, forehead, chin - and use the pointy side to reach hard-to-get areas like the under eye, edge of your nose, etc.

4. It's a contour revelation:

Get your contouring kit out and use the above basis to slap it on in style.

5. More bang for your buck:

Why stick to foundation? Use it with a cream blusher on your cheeks, some lipstick for soft bitten lips or as an excess soaker at the end of your make-up routine to smooth out any unevenness.

6. Extra treat:

I've only discovered this recently and I absolutely love the following tip. Before you get started on your foundation and your sponge has been rinsed, apply a little face oil, tonic water or setting spray to your blender and continue as usual. This will give your skin a little bit more love and achieve a lovely, dewy finish. Dreamy!

Once you've finished, don't forget to thoroughly wash your blender and leave to dry for the next time.

I hope these six tips come in handy when you're face to face (or rather, face to sponge) with this peculiar little shape.

As always,