Plastic Grotastic!

Hi, my name is Yellow Caramelo and I'm a shopaholic.

No, really. I have all the symptoms - bulgy wardrobe, overheated debit card and weird twitch on my left eye if it's Sunday and there's nothing new in the house. It's lamentable. It's inevitable.

This terrible fate, I have come to accept. After all, I'm not causing harm to any one but myself and let's face it, I often look incredible (amma riight?!) however, I can't shake the feeling that I'm slowly ceasing to be a human and morphing into a mindless consumer, instead. A debit card yielding, oversized tote bag diva, pushing her way through teenagers at Topshop like a zombie towards new brains. Yuk!

As I like to focus on one problem at a time to avoid midnight sweats and casual panic attacks, I'm concentrating my attention on the biggest issue this over-consuming demon results in - death of planet by plastic bag.

To prevent the looming catastrophe and to keep my conscience tidier than my bedroom floor on a Friday night before heading out with the girls, I had started carrying re-used plastic bags in my handbag. Genius plan. Except when I forget to restock.

So, to cut a very short story even shorter, I'd like to announce, and I hope that you may imitate this gesture of good will, that I have sworn off plastic bags and from now on will use this beautiful, handmade, one-off bag I found in a tiny market in Aubeterre.

I can still picture my darling grandma carrying one of these around with her on shopping trips. This is so retro, it's cool again.


You probably arrived to this last paragraph and thought 'why the sizzle have I read all that nonsense for? This woman's an idiot!' and you'd be right. But, I'm marking this as my promise to the Universe. A plead to you to think before you ingest, to be ingenious with what you have and to try your hardest to only use what you need and reuse what you can.

This bag will hopefully last me a few years and I hope to fill it with joy, good memories and hot labels.

Let's be responsible in our love for fashion and material things.

Mucho love,