Picture Perfect

Howdy, boys and girls!

My darling boy came up with a wonderful new challenge for us to try in the coming year. You know? Just cos we don't have anything else on the go at the moment...

We're both happy snappers - as much of the world right now - taking arty pictures of anything from cups of coffee to neatly folded piles of clothes (that last one is mainly me...) However, when it comes to life outside of our phones we have found we have very little to show for our own precious memories.

Picture perfect

I'm sure we're not the only ones missing the physicality of the printed photo. That, and we're not alone in being so incredibly lazy that the thought of going through a million images of bagels #shotfromabove to finally find one or two in which actual humans appear - and look more like humans than breaded goods themselves - unbearable.

Thus, this challenge. 12 disposable cameras, one for each month of the year (yes, we're starting a little late). To be used in their totality, printed, catalogued and placed in sweet photo albums with footnotes and comments. Ain't we just the cutest?

Rules of the game are, no wasting pictures on food or fashion statements, no posey silly faces and no ordinary events. Just pure, raw memories of days at the beach, family milestones and trips abroad. I can't wait to see the results!

I'll keep you posted :)

Mucho love,