Let's Not Talk About It...

I'm not ashamed to admit that as most people in their late 20s, I've got plenty of dreams but very little drive. It's not necessarily all my fault, there's just so much to pursue!

Our generation has been raised to believe all is possible. No major conflicts or famines happen on our side of the world, we enjoy a decent amount of freedom and our economy has been kept at a high standard through most of our childhood. We have our basic needs covered so we dare to reach higher. We no longer dream to hold a respectable job in a bank for 60 years, feed our families and have enough to keep up with our mortgage.

No, now we dream of jumping from planes, we want to travel the world and find a career that allows us to spend Mondays sipping coffee in Paris. Just 'cause we can.

Our goals have become wild and unobtainable. Perfect qualities of the worthy dream.

Because of this, I find myself unsatisfied with daily life. Ever reaching for the lifestyle and status I see online.

Rather than tell you to understand that what we see onscreen is probably fake and that very few really get to live out their dreams, I thought I'd point you to this very interesting Ted Talk I stumbled upon just the other day, with the hope that it will help you (and me!) achieve what you really want.

Listen to it HERE.

Apparently, talking about our goals is actually deterring us from achieving them.

Yes, according to clever studies and Derek here, your brain finds it hard to understand the difference between saying and doing something. This is because by stating your high hopes to innocent bystanders, these acknowledge your statement as true, giving you a feel good reaction that tricks your brain into believing you're halfway to achieving your target.

Which is probably why so many people update you on their gym plans on Facebook. Agh...

So, if you have a dream, I don't want to know about it. You ain't going to be no where closer just cause you've reposted an inspiring quote about it. Get off yo'ass and go get what you want!

I'd tell you what I really want but I guess you'll just have to wait and see...

Mucho love,