Is Laura Mercier's Invisible Loose Setting Powder Worth the Money?

Guys, I feel as I've been had...

I'm weirdly proud of the vast amount of Beauty YouTubing I do every week. Although, I'll never admit it out loud.

Which is why I confidently requested Laura Mercier's Invisible Loose Setting Powder for my Christmas stocking. After all, most of the revered beauty vloggers of the moment whack it out in all their videos.

I should have gathered I was heading towards failure as I am not a big fan of setting powder as a whole. I always just tend to use my foundation on top of a primer and reinforce its staying power by means of concealer. Which, rewind YouTube watch-time back 100hours, I always found to work a real treat.

But, after noticing my under eye area becoming ever so shiny, I decided to start looking into setting powders to fix the issue.

So, it was with utter excitement that I unwrapped this beauty staple on Boxing Day. Unable to contain myself, I caked this on top of my usual foundation and off I went to spend a day in town.

First Impressions:

  1. The friking packaging is a nightmare. A cloud of (expensive) powder blew out of my pot as I tried to remove the inner lid. Suspicious white powder left all over bathroom sink made it look like Tony Montana had spent the weekend at mine.

  2. First application was tough. I overenthusiastically applied a generous serving and it quickly started to grain into the skin, highlighting a most unattractive texture.

  3. Within the first hour, my skin started feeling tight and dry. Maybe I'm just too used to wearing dewy foundations and this is just what set powder does.

  4. When I got back home after a day out, my face lacked lustre and seemed dimmed by the extra layer.

Now, I hate being a negative Nelly and I'm well aware that this might just be a case of novelty. Perhaps, my animosity against it has more to do with the fact that I can't quite use it rather than the quality of the product itself.

So, I carried on experimenting...

Used it on top of my BB Cream; it made me look pale and dull. Watched 3 videos on 'Baking'; the excess product made my fine lines totally worse. I layered liquid setting spray on top; it turned rubbery. I used a soft round brush, a beauty blender, a smaller more precise brush... still not managed it.

As I am quite the tight ass, I can't bring myself to throw the darn thing away. At the moment, and very sparingly, I am using a small amount on my chin and nose if I know I'm going to have a heavy duty day. I have learnt to keep it well away from my under eyes but do sometimes use it on the lid, as it does offer a good matte finish there.


I can see the appeal of this product as you can really perceive the quality of it (the powder in finely milled, it doesn't leave a dusty residue or alter the colour of your foundation) BUT, it does take a LOT of admin to get it right.

It is definitely not a product I reach for often and it simply doesn't match my day-to-day, carefree, effortless approach to make-up.

Would I still recommend it? Yes, absolutely. I think that it's a great product for anyone in the beauty industry that can handle the effort necessary to make this work. I can imagine it's a great 'on-camera' finish for more exaggerated looks. If that's your bag, then totally look to invest.

If like me, you're into hardly-there make-up you can apply in the dark with your eyes closed, you're better off saving your pennies and purchasing a cheap and cheerful alternative like the Maybelline Matte Maker Mattifying Powder.

Hope you found this review helpful. Let me know how it worked for you!

Clara x