January Favourites

As Sod's Law would have it, the month I decide to kick off my 'Favourites' posts, is the month I suffer the most disappointment with the new bits & bobs I've been trying out. Typical!

Luckily, where the baddies were very mediocre, the goodies, made up for it by being really very good. And so, the balance is restored.

You'll notice that this month has a clear theme running through it. What, with it being January and all, I have been leaning more towards items and activities that promote better habits and an overall sense of wellbeing.

So, let me stop the rambling and cut to the chase. Here are my January Favourites.

Skincare & Beauty:

Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner

Wow, there, Nelly. Hold'em horses! If you follow my Instagram you've probably already seen me rave about this magic tonic that has speedily become one of my all time favourite products. Ever.
Why am I head-over-heels over this thing? Well, first of all, it's all-natural and gentle, composed of three of my favourite ingredients - aloe vera, rose water and witch hazel. A winning combination for skin!

Secondly, and very importantly, it's alcohol-free, checking a huge tick on my list of qualities to look out for in skincare.

Thirdly, I'm hysterically happy about the effect it is actually having on my skin. I apply it, after cleansing, day and night and have, since the first day, seen my face light up, my pores tighten and my skin tone smooth over. It feels and smells delicious and I find the whole process of applying a cooling toner to my skin after removing make-up completely therapeutic, making me feel absolutely free from impurities. If you haven't tried it yet, I can't recommend it enough. Honestly, you have my word, it's worth every penny!
(Oh, and the bottle looks really cool too...)

natural beauty january favourites

Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate oil

Staying close to all-natural products, I've been absolutely loving this little guy all winter.
I have always had a problem with my lips. They get dry, they get sore, they crack and give me all kinds of pain so, it's been an absolute joy to find a lip balm that actually gets them to sit tight and behave.

I have a problem with the idea of putting too many chemicals near my mouth (which I'm sure many of you share) so I'm really glad to be able to reach out for this hydrating formula made from simple ingredients like beeswax, coconut oil and pomegranate. Thanks to its composition, it's packed with antioxidants, replenishing dry and achy skin. It also has a very light tint which helps even out the tone of your smackers.

L'Occitane Aromachologie Repairing Mask

Okay, so this isn't officially a January favourite because I have been using it for half a year now but it's so unbelievably good, that I could not leave it out of this list.

I have been trying to grow out my hair for around three years now. It has taken so long because my hair was in a really embarrassing state. It was so dry, that the ends would get to a certain length and give up, saying goodbye to the world and snapping off.

natural beauty january favourites

This product has completely transformed my hair. I apply it every time I wash my hair, skipping conditioner and leaving it to sit for a couple of hours (when I have the time. The package recommends 7 minutes but my hair is very thirsty).

If you're looking for a mask to soften your hair, this is not necessarily the one for you. More than softening, it reinforces the hair, sealing ends and creating a protective layer against environmental damage.

Anybody looking to transform their locks should invest in this little cure. The price tag may be scary but it does last around six months and you will see results pretty quickly.

You can check out some more hair care tips here.


Yoga with Adriene - Revolution - 31 Days of Yoga

I have been following Adriene on YouTube for the best part of four years now. She's sunny, she's funny and she's full of mindful recommendations for a happy, balanced life.

Every January, she publishes a Yoga series, offering a 31-day yoga challenge to her viewers and every year, I join it.

I'm not exaggerating, this thing completely changes my state of mind. Rewind to December, I was feeling tired, passive and lacking in luster. Bring it back to today, 28 days into this challenge and I feel like I can karate chop my way through anything.

This series has really helped me re-focus, re-evaluate and recharge, setting me up for a wicked year ahead. I'm going to be sad when the challenge is over, but I'm sure I will continue making time to fit at least 30 minutes of yoga into my day. Promise!

natural beauty january favourites

Bobble Water Bottle

Water addict currently raising her hand. I confess, I have a drinking problem.

I don't know what it is but I'm always thirsty (I'm like the man in Big Fish. Aw, what a lovely film that is. Have you seen it?), so, my darling Edward who knows me so well, put this little bottle in my stocking this year. And what a revelation that has been!

Bobble is a water filtration system you can have on the go. Saving you a few good bucks on bottled water and removing chlorine and organic contaminants from your tap water at home.

The filter does need to be changed every two months but if you think how much money you're saving on bottled water and what good you're doing to your kidneys, I'd say it's a worthy investment.

Himalaya Maroma Orange Blossom Incense Sticks

The first rule of hygge is to make your home smell nice. Okay, I don't actually know if that's the first rule of hygge, but I'm pretty sure it's an important one.

The winter's hibernation has begun, considerably increasing the time spent indoors. The peril of falling straight into SAD is high so I'm constantly looking at ways to make my surroundings as happy and comfortable as possible.

These incense sticks help me light the homely spark, making the entire home smell like a log fire.

What I especially love about these sticks is that they are handmade from wood powder, natural binder and essential oils, meaning that they're free from harmful chemicals. Oh, and they're also fairtrade, making them TYC Approved (that should totally be a thing...)

Lizi's Granola

Have you guys tried this yet? I'm absolutely made-up to have stumbled across this lovely brand of deliciously crunchy granola. Apart from the fact that it's totally yummy, it's one of the few healthy granola options out there. Reduced in salt & sugar, high in protein and with a NO-GMO promise, this is a great option to have to hand, providing a satisfying breakfast or a filling snacking alternative.

natural beauty january favourites

What were your favourite products this month? I'd love to hear your views on products you think I ought to try out this coming month. Feel free to get in touch via Instagram or email.

Until next time,
Clara x