I ♡ Grey. Grey ♡ Me.

This winter, I am wearing grey.


Of all the colours of the rainbow, grey is my favourite one. Suuuuuure, it's not technically in the rainbow. And yeah, it's possibly not a colour but hey, when it comes to grey, we can make some exceptions.


Easy to style, elegant, easily transformed from day to night, grey is my go to shade and the best alternative for the gloom black brings. This winter, I'm keeping the blues away by not wearing anything darker than navy. Because I have spent most my teens in black, I want to spend the rest of my 20s in GREY!


Subtlety, in my opinion, is underrated. I love how much can be said with so little. Take a look at just how cool a simple grey sweater can look with a fresh mani.


So this season, I'm embracing these grey days...

Mucho love,