How to Wake Up your Skin - naturally!

Hola amigos,

So, I've had quite the week so far and with an impending weekend that promises to bring more doing than resting, my skin (along with my entire body) is feeling like it needs a very long sleep indeed.

As well you know, I am a huge fan of natural beauty, so I went out to find a healthy and homemade solution to my dozy problem.

I stumbled across this super page and this interesting article on how honey can help us to naturally overcome most of our beauty troubles.

Inspired by this, I headed to the kitchen, picked up my favourite honey pot and trialed the simplest mask - drizzle of honey combined with a little jojoba oil for ease of application and extra yumminess for my tired and tested skin. And I have to say, I'm impressed!

Natural beauty_healthy skin I applied a thin layer to my face, then went about my business for around 20 minutes before hopping in the shower, massaging it in and rinsing with cold water. My face now feels soft, fresh and loved. I recommend you try it out!

As an extra nugget of advice, I ended the process with a little rose toner and my usual moisturiser (albeit in a smaller dose as I already felt quite satisfied in that front!).

Keep me posted on your result via Instagram.

Mucho love,