Healthy Habits for Perfect Skin

5 Skincare Habits of People with Good Skin


As a skincare fanatic, I'm constantly on the lookout for new wonder products, hacks I haven't yet tried and quirky new habits that will keep my skin supple and youthful well into my later years. And, thanks to Tamsin, I've found some fresh inspiration that's working wonders on my visage...

Tamsin is the genius behind Santley Skincare, a new skincare range set up to bring good quality, hardworking ingredients to the masses. Using only natural oils, Santley offers five simple products that promise to transform your skin without impacting your wallet.

Last month, I caught up with Tamsin as she crafts her magic formula.

5 Top Tips to Perfect Skin

After spending five years relentlessly studying the science of a healthy complexion, Tamsin has learned that there is, in fact, a gold standard of practice that can be applied to any skin type to achieve perfect results.

Below are the five habits people with healthy skin swear by to achieve that glowy complexion we all strive for:

Habit 1 - They double cleanse:

And by this, she doesn't just mean wash your face twice a day, Tamsin recommends using two different cleansing products, one oil based and the second a gentle cream cleanser, to remove make-up, grime and pollution at the end of the day.

The first product will help you get rid of the first layer of impurities - mascara, foundation, etc - the second, will actually reach deeper into your skin (now free from that first layer), helping to unclog and purify pores.

If you could only invest in one cleansing product, opt for oil cleansers! This came as a shock to me - as a proud owner of combination skin prone to the odd inexplicable blemish - but Tamsin reassured me that only oils can really melt away make-up and draw out oil from your skin. The best part is that these type of products are more gentle than foam or gel cleansers (which actually contain detergent. What?) so they don't strip your skin of necessary natural oils.

If you're looking for a lighter wash, reach for the cream based cleanser. I like doing this in the morning, as I'm not actually looking to take anything off, I just want to create a clean & smooth surface to work my oils and make-up into.

Habit 2- They don't use facial wipes:

Yet another happy surprise; facial wipes are your skin's worst enemy!
If you're ever going to achieve super clean skin, your best bet is to invest in a good old fashioned set of flannels.

After cleansing your face with an oil cleanser, gently scrub your face with a flannel to stimulate blood flow and remove any excess oil. Take good care not to be too harsh with the cloth but rather, carefully buff the area in circular motions, making sure not to drag or break the skin.
According to Tamsin, this is the cheapest and easiest way to change your skin for the better. And I have to agree!

After a few weeks of using only flannels, my skin feels refreshed, softer and I go to bed feeling like there is absolutely no crap left behind. I also love the fact that I'm no longer filling my bins with unrecyclable make-up wipes. Planet points!

Habit 3- They've ditched creams:

Shock horror, moisturisers are up to 60% water. Think about that for a second. More than half of the ingredients in your moisturiser are doing absolutely nothing for your skin.

Water is a filler - it costs the manufacturers nothing and it bulks up the product. Worst still, it dilutes the active ingredients you're actually paying for.
Remove the middle man and opt for oil blends that are packed with hardworking ingredients with a purpose. Look out for products high in Omega 6, like Grape Seed, evening Primrose or Pumpkin Seed oil.

Using oils will keep your skin juicy, prevent premature aging and lock in moisture. Not to mention it will give you that lovely 'lit-from-within' glow.

Santley Skincare_healthy skin habits

Habit 4- They've learned to read their skin:

Your skin, like the rest of you, is in constant transition. It changes with the season, through the years and depending on your environment. People with good skin, adapt to those changes, tweaking their skincare to suit their needs.

You know your body better than you think so keep an eye on your skin and don't be afraid to experiment.
Is your skin looking a little dull? Add a few drops of oil into your foundation. Does your skin feel congested? Concentrate on cleansing and use your facial oil more sparingly. Don't follow labels, use your common sense. Remember, one size does not fit all!

Habit 5- They help their skin out:

Help your skin process blemishes by keeping the area nourished and well looked after. This sounds completely contra-intuitive but if you really think about it, it makes total sense. Dry, unhappy spots are difficult to cover up and always tend to scar. Think of your blemish as a poorly patient who needs extra care. Don't attack it but instead, nurse it back to health with calming balms containing things like chamomile or lavender.

And there you have it, 5 healthy skin habits that are simple to adopt and guarantee to have a positive impact on your skin.

For more tips and tricks to perfect complexion or to find out more about Santley Skincare, you can follow Tamsin on Instagram.

Tamsin is currently finalising her skincare range, commencing distribution later this year. Make sure you place your orders soon. Your skin will thank you for it!

Mucho love,