Happy Birthday to Me!

Get your buckets ready, because this post is about to get repulsive. There's a bunch of emotional reflections coming your way...

Breakfast in Bed by The Yellow Caramelo

It's the morning of my 28th birthday and I'm woken up by a beautiful display of tea, flowers, french toast and presents. Beaming from behind the heavy tray is my best friend in the whole wide world. Every day I thank the heavens for placing him exactly where I would find him - today I feel it more than ever.

With one folk wielding hand on the toasts and the other carefully unwrapping presents (I like to save the wrapping paper. That's just the kind of person I am!) I keep my eye on the phone, that is buzzing with Facebook posts from friends, WhatsApp messages from family and Skype alerts from co-workers. Early birds wishing me the happiest of days.

And just like that, before the day has even begun, I feel the tranquil feeling of absolute peace. I love and I am loved.

So many times, my toxic head has tried to convince me that I am lonely, misunderstood, disliked. I tell myself few people get me, people don't listen and mock how vivid and sentimental I am about certain things. Judging by this blog post, they would have a point.

But today that dark vortex in the back of my head has shut and all I can see is blue skies and purple birds.

I'm lucky because, in the midst of busy schedules, limited resources and personal dramas, so many have spared a thought just for me. I'm surrounded by a net of wonderful people who want my wellbeing as much as I want theirs, and that, is the most generous gift I'll receive today.

I had to take ten minutes to put this out there because I feel that the world needs more care and love. Personally and globally, this year has been marked by far too many negatives. Hate crimes, misunderstanding, losses of life and morals. So much angst fills the news streams, weighing heavy on the shoulders of the world.

When in the end, all that matters is this. The close, personal relationships that cocoon us away from harm.

So grab your nearest and dearest and be kind. Laugh at their stupid jokes, listen to that story yet again and smile. You love and you are loved.