Handmade Treats

I'd like to take a minute to address your attention at this lovely pair of ear gems made for me by my darling friend and initiating craftswoman, Anna Marie Griffith.

Anna Marie Griffiths jewelry designs

The reasons I love them are many. For starters, well, just look at them! They're unique, shinny and absolutely stunning. The second reason is because they represent something that I can truly get behind. The courage to break your planned path and chase something you love.

My brave friend has found something that inspires her and makes her happy and rather than think 'it's too hard and I don't have the know-how', she's done the research, taken her classes and mastered the art of creation. And that for me, is a sign of true character.

So I wear these earrings with pride, knowing that no matter how thick in corporate configuration we find ourselves, how far we sometimes see our hidden artistic desires, there's still a part in us that longs and is able to create beautiful things.

So never be afraid to follow your passion, amigos!

Mucho love,