Grow, my pretties, GROW!

Here's a tribute to Amber Fillerup Clark, also known in the realms of hair royalty as the Barefoot Blonde. As you can see by the below picture, she is in possession of a beautiful head, flourished by lustre locks that look soft enough to be knitted into a baby bath towel. Is this getting creepy yet?

Anyways, it is this vivid image of blonde dreams that has inspired me to grow out my own hair. Why is this so exciting? Well, for once, because I've never in my life had the patience to go anywhere further than my shoulders.

This is not all my fault. In case you've not perceived it from my Instagram account (c'mon, I know you're all looking!) I have the world's thickest hair. I'm not exaggerating, I've been told! This is a blessing in many ways but also an absolute burden when it comes to everyday life. Hair washing gives me muscle burn, hair drying takes about a week and keeping to poker straight once I've left the house is literally impossible! So, from now until my hair touches my derrière I solemnly swear to steer clear of scissors, hairdressers and candlelight (I once down-dogged onto an open flame. It took some inches off my locks and most of my pride).

I write this post as the first step in a journey I hope you join me in by sending me tips, encouraging words and miraculous methods via email ( or Instagram. Holla at me on my Instafeed if you're walking the same road so we can do this together!

This week I'm trialling these three tips:

1. Scalp Brushing:

I'm using a wide tooth comb to give myself a scalp massage every night before I go to bed. It's a lot simpler than it sounds. All you have to do is gently brush the top of your head, from forehead to neck, with a hard comb in a rhythmic or soothing motion (whatever works for ya, really!). This stimulates blood flow which will aid the hair follicle to blossom and hopefully give me Cousin It qualities in no time. It also feels nice and it's a great way to finish off the day.

2. Underwashing, overachieving:

Did you know that you could actually be too clean? Yes, apparently there is beauty in grime and it's a beastly crime to over wash one's hair. The reason is fairly logical, shampoos, especially generic street level ones, wash away your natural oils and in turn make you hair dryer which causes it to weaken and snap off. Bad news when you're aiming for length. If you're honest with yourself, you will soon realise there are many times when you can get away with skipping a wash or two. Dry shampoo is a saviour for those with greasy hair and this delightful new texture (ew, gross!) will also play a big part in creating really nice looking up-dos. Pony tails, buns and half ups for those in between days. I'm such a big fan!

Tips to growing thick hair out

3. Au Naturel:

Adding to the injury, washing also means drying, and heated tools like straighteners, curlers and your ordinary hair-drier are the usual suspects in this hair massacre. Now, this might not be one for the faint hearted but I'm trying out leaving my hair out to dry naturally for this entire month. I won't lie, it looks bloody awful so I can't really tell if it's having a positive result on my locks or not but, I can say that I'm seeing much fewer dead ends. So, that's a grand start! Again, as I have very wavy hair, I'm spending a lot of time with wild or tied up hair. It's a worth cause though, right?

And there's my start. More news on new inches and fabulous products to come. Stay tuned, amigos!

Until next time,