Getting Legs Summer-Ready

Alright fellas, April is coming to an end so I'm officially inaugurating the Spring/Summer season. It's time to put the long-sleeve, knee-length, 2-inch thick jumper away and show some skin. May the fake-tan be forever in our favour...

After almost 10 years living in the UK, I have learnt that the only way to do Spring/Summer fashion in this country is to be totally prepared at all times. It may be cardi and wellies weather on Tuesday but that doesn't mean you won't be reaching out for the sandals and cropped jeans come Thursday.

So, it's advised to work out a rolling rota that guarantees you're perpetually waxed, tanned and glowing, whatever the impromptu occasion. Here's the first trick up my sleeve...

Perpetually Summer-Ready Legs.

The hibernation is over. Time to get those pins looking like they've just walked away from a long weekend in Ibiza.

STEP 1. Tone:

Winter typically lures us into the false sense of security that you can daily binge on Netfix and Hobnobs with impunity. Summer, on the other hand, is a lot less forgiving.

Make sure you feel ready for short-shorts season by starting a leg workout routine now.

Here are some quick exercises you can do from home:

Quick Burn Legs

Yoga for Butt & Thighs

Yoga for Leaner Legs

STEP 2. Scrub:

The second step towards Summer body heaven is good exfoliation. Wake-up up weary legs, boost circulation and slough off dead skin cells by applying a grainy scrub to wet skin in circular motions to help get rid of ingrown hairs and improve skin tone.

Body scrub by Aromatherapy Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Energy Orange Ginger Sugar Scrub 13 fl oz by Bath & Body Works

If you rather not splurge on scrub, you can easily create your own by using pantry basics like ground coffee, brown sugar or sea salt mixed in with some almond, coconut or olive oil.

STEP 3. Boost Circulation:

Whether you're sitting down at a desk job or on your feet running around all day, your legs tend to take the brunt of our difficult day-to-days. Make sure you give them the attention they deserve by increasing better blood and oxygen circulation to the area.

And easy exercise you can do to aid circulation is the following. With your back flat on the floor, lift your legs up and rapidly kick them up in the air (imagine you're a beetle trying to get back on your feet...). Alternatively, and if you can't be bothered to be a beetle, just make sure you keep your feet up whenever you can.

Heat alternation can really help too. I have started finishing my showers with a blast of cold water and, although it takes some getting used to and I absolutely hate doing it, I have stopped coming out of the shower with overheated, blotchy legs.

STEP 4. Moisturise:

Bit of an obvious one but always worth mentioning. Nothing says 'I've been living under a duvet for 8 months' like flaky pins. Make sure you keep your skin nourished by applying a buttery formula daily.

Almond Milk COncentrate by L'Occitane

Almond Milk Concentrate by L'Occitane

STEP 5. Detoxify:

If you suffer from heavy legs, chances are water retention is your main culprit.

Get rid of excess water by supplementing your diet with natural diuretics like dandelion tea, pineapple or artichokes.

Clipper Organic Dandelion Tea

STEP 6. Glow:

A good old fashion fake-tan is a sure-fire way to boost confidence when baring legs that haven't seen the sun in a while.

If you've followed all the previous steps, you should have a good foundation from which to work a flawless, streak-free tan.

I have a bit of a phobia when it comes to full on fake tans so I often opt for instant tanners instead. I like mixing a few drops of this with my usual moisturiser if I know I'm flaunting some limbs.

St. Tropez Gradual Tan Tinted Body Lotion

I hope these tips help you to happily walk into the new SS season with confidence!

Mucho love,
Clara x