Product Spotlight - Eight Hour Cream

And here I find myself joining the masses in proclaiming Elisabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream a must-have-can't-live-without-put-it-on-my-face-now-beauty-staple.

I admit, I always rolled my eyes when I saw yet another up and coming runway darling name this product within her bare necessities and thought it was yet another one of those cult products that escaped the lips of anybody trying to be cool.

But, waiting for the Eurotunnel one day, right after a 13-hour event that had my legs busted, my eyes shrunk and my skin begging for mercy, I raided the tester section at a duty-free.

I put a little blob on my hand, finding the waxy, almost medical consistency of the cream very unpleasant at first. But, do you know that thing plants do when you've not watered them for a while? The immediate gulp the blessed things take? Well, that is exactly how my skin reacted to the application.

My skin looked back at me with a glare of pure gratefulness. It was supple, dewy and rejuvenated but, pay-day continued at an alarming distance so I walked out of the shop with the train departure as my excuse.

We were driving from the UK to Holland that day so there was plenty of time to review the pros and cons of this product with my willing but not so interested boyfriend, who would sweetly nod along and feign astonishment every time I put my hand to his face and said; 'Look how youthful! Look how soft! Don't I look improved?'.

Needless to say, I developed a strange infatuation over this miracle balm and made the purchase as soon as I found myself face to face with it again.

Legend tells (or rather, the Elisabeth Arden website) that Ms Arden developed this cream herself in the 1930s and was so fond of its results that she even used it on her horses legs. Well, if it's good enough for the Arden cavalry, it's good enough for me!

ElisabethArdenEightHourCream It's a magical mix of petrolatum, a skin-soothing beta-hydroxy and vitamin E - locking moisture in, skin aggravators out and soothing itchiness, sunburns and irritations. Perfect for all parts of the body, giving shine to legs, control to unruly brows and returning chapped lips to a kissable state.

I'm now on month three of testing and my verdict's still positive. I had been suffering with very tired, very blotchy skin for a while, which resulted in sporadic outbreaks and little expression lines around my eyes.

As someone who's not keen on cakey, full-on make-up looks, I've adopted a new routine which brings together the Eight Hour Cream, a primer and a BB Cream to keep the skin looking really natural and low-maintanence. I make sure to concentrate on areas that need more attention and try to keep the oilier sections free so to not tempt fate.

It gives me a very natural, youthful glow (I tend to top-up on the cheek bones after finishing my make-up for extra glow) but above all, it makes my skin feel protected and looked after throughout the day.

The only downside, and as I mentioned before, the consistency is very thick, so you really need to warm it up between your fingers before applying it, making it a bit tedious if used (as I use it) as a daily morning moisturiser.

So, there you have my views on this miracle balm in 600 words or less. Safe to say, I'll be keeping this in my arsenal and recommend you do the same if you're looking for glowing, youthful, nice-to-be-in-my-own-skin skin.

As a bonus tip, and if you don't feel like spending the £20+, I've seen it lurking around TKMaxx for £9.99 - don't mind if I do!

Mucho love,