8 Ways to Add Coconut Oil to your Beauty Regime

Hola once again, amig@s!

Huge apologies for the recent radio silence. What can I say? This summer has been a crazy roller-coaster of wonderful ups and ass-kicking lows and blogging has really fallen off my priority list. Forgive me!

Anyways, I'm back with a really lovely list of uses for one of my all-time favourite ingredients - Coconut Oil
Boasting antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal benefits, Coconut Oil is the kind of ingredient that you need to always keep on hand because it can be used for absolutely everything, whether it's in the kitchen or for your personal beauty use.

coconut oil

Today, as you can probably guess by the title of this blog, I'm offering you 8 simple ways to incorporate it into your everyday routine. Trust me when I tell you, this multi-tasking, all-natural product is the only thing you need to keep skin smooth and moisturised, be it at home or on the go (I took a big jar of the stuff with me to NY last year and it was the ONLY thing I really used. What is this thing?)

So, get ready to downsize your beauty bag considerably with these 8 simple ways to use coconut oil.

1. Moisturiser:

Obvious first suggestion. Coconut OIL is a well-known source of nourishing moisture. Glide onto your skin after a warm shower for sweet smelling softness and sexy sheen.

2. Cleanser:

Surprising but true. The world is going bananas over balm cleansers like the Nourishing Cleansing Balm by Pixi but I can honestly recommend coconut oil as a very good (and waaaay cheaper) alternative.

Pixi balm cleanser

Gently work onto eyes (and feel that gloopy mascara melt away) face, neck and d├ęcolletage and remove with a wet warm towel or muslin cloth.

3. Shaving Cream:

One of my favourite uses for coconut oil at the moment is shaving oil. Melt onto legs (or other desired areas of your private choosing), warm the blade up under hot water and shave your troubles away. I specially love the smooth and shinny results!

4. Nourishing Scrub:

Use this as your mixing oil for homemade scrubs and masks. Mix it with pantry-favouries like sugar, ground coffee or salt and you have yourself an all-natural and hardworking scrub in seconds. Add a few drops of Vitamin E to prolong its shelf life and give your skin the added benefits of this powerful antioxidant.

coconut scrub by The Yellow Caramelo

5. Bath Bomb:

Add a little (or generous) spoonful of coconut oil to your running bath for an extra nourishing treat. BEWARE to wipe clean after use. Don't want you all slip-sliding away...

6. Deodorant:

Improbable but true, the anti-bacterial properties of coconut oil make it a totally acceptable deodorant. Of course, let's not go crazy and assume we can glide this on and go sit in a tube at the peak of summer but use it for those cooler days when you know you won't be risking a sweat patch. If anything, it's an amazing break from nasty Aluminium filled alternatives.

7. Mouthwash:

Didn't I say you could use this for anything? Also known as Oil Pulling (...why?) it has been part of Indian folk for hundreds of years and it claims to whiten teeth, freshen breath and lead to massive improvements in oral health. The idea is that the harmful bacteria that resides in our mouths gets stuck to the oil, so when you spit the concoction out, overboard the bacteria goes also. If done daily for around 15-20 minutes, it can lead to a decrease in plaque, healthier gums and whiter teeth.
I do warn you, the first time you put that oil in your mouth, you will want to gag instantly. Go with it, my friend. It'll be worth it in the long run.

Oh, and do spit it out onto the bin or toilet as opposed to the sink. The oil solidifies at room temperature and it will eventually clog up your pipes.

coconut oil by The Yellow Caramelo

8. Hair Treatment:

Incorporate this healthy habit into your weekly routine right now. Help prevent split ends, calm frizz and aid rapid hair growth by treating your hair to a weekly coconut mask. If you can spare the time, apply before bed and let your hair drink it up as you sleep. Scrumptious!

So there you have it, 8 simple ways to use coconut oil for your beauty regimes. Top to bottom care using just one, good-quality product. That's right up my street!

Mucho love,
Clara xx