Cinnamon Scented Christmas Cones

This is our first year living together in our home and, as expected, we have very little accumulated Christmas clutter to bring down from the attic.

However bare the nest may be, I refused to go out and spending my money on tacky stuff that I had no emotional connection with. So, instead, Eddie and I have decided to make our own Christmas decorations!

Here's by far the easiest Christmas decoration anyone could ever make. I recommend giving it a go:


To me, nothing says 'Hey, welcome to the world, Jesus!' like rustic, sweet smelling pine cones!

This really simple DIY will instantly give your home that apres ski feel and it virtually costs nothing to make.

Cinnamon Scented Pinecones in 3 steps:

You will need:

1. Take yourself foraging.

This time of year, nature is humbly shedding what their mama gave it. However, pinecones, are often hard to come by, so make sure to research your local areas and confirm pinecones are a potential before you head out. This seems like the dumbest advice I've ever given but we really struggled to locate the little guys and we live in the greenest part of London!

Select a few good specimens to take back with you. But be Baloo about this - take only what you need and leave what you don't for nature to enjoy.

2. Bake'm.

Give your cones a quick rinse and dry before you stick them in the oven. This will clean out any dirt or bug that may be lurking within.

Line your tray with baking paper (the cones give out a very sticky resin that may ruin your oven tray). Set your oven to the lowest possible heat, and let your cones sit in there for at least an hour, checking them periodically and turning them as needed. Enjoy the heavenly scent oozing from your kitchen!

3. Oiled them right up!

Remove your pinecones from the heat when they look like they have dried and opened up a little more.

Allow them to cool down for a few hours or over night. Come the morning, they'll be ready for the festive treatment!

To scent my pinecones, I used cinnamon essential oil but feel free to experiment if you like other aromas better. I can imagine Sweet Orange would also work quite well. You will only need to use around 1 or 2 drops on oil per cone.

And that's it!

I used mine to create a centrepiece for my coffee table. I added some dried up oranges I had made the week before to give it a more traditional look.

Hit me up on Instagram with your creations!

For the Sweet Orange variation, I would suggest using this: 100ml Sweet Orange Pure Essential Oil

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