56 Reasons to Love Autumn

How to get the most out of Autumn.

Summer is dead. Get over it with this list of fun Autumn activities that will help you beat the post holiday blues.


Now, don't get me wrong, summer is for me the happiest of seasons. The days are longer, there's BBQ for dinner, and you get to wear disproportionally big sunglasses.

However, as permanent resident of the UK, I've learnt to love summer as an inconsistent friend who is always late for everything. We love it, but we expect it to let us down.

Autumn is really where it's at. The air is crisp and clean, the trees dress in beautiful hues and homes magically get cosier. Yes, it's time for nesting and I couldn't be happier.

But if you're not a fall fiend like I am, overcoming the post-holiday blues can be hard. I've compiled this list of cosy activities and things that will make you stop glaring at everybody's beach pictures and get you excited about the cooler months ahead. Ready?

Things to keep you happy this Autumn:


  1. Go for a walk and take in the colours, smells and sounds of the new season.
  2. Buy yourself a nice new pair of mittens. The cosier the better.
  3. Maximise your home's nesting potential by adding twinkly lights to windows, soft blankets to sofas and spice scented candles to every room.
  4. Invest in a new set of button down pyjamas.
  5. Get baking.
  6. Work on creating a AW capsule wardrobe.
  7. Create an Autumn inspiration board on Pinterest. Helps with the above, too!
  8. Spend the chillier and darker days indoors watching films. Bonus points for 80s & 90s classics. Uncle Chuck, anyone?
  9. Craft, make, paint, do. All from the comfort of your home.
  10. Read that book.
  11. Buy old vinyls and listen to them whilst you drink red wine #sophistication.
  12. Make mulled cider.
  13. Plan a Halloween party.
  14. Start getting excited about Christmas. Who said that?
  15. Take bubble baths. Make them extra indulgent by adding essential oils, salts and bath bombs.
  16. Kick the crap out of a leaf pile.
  17. Grab your dearest and nearest and go for a hot chocolate picnic. Include thick blanket and hat for extra happy points.
  18. Go foraging (but don't eat anything unless approved by an expert!)
  19. Take your doggie (or someone else's) for a really long walk around the woods or the beach.
  20. Go to the cinema. Every week. And watch anything!
  21. Find yourself a dreamy jumper, spritz your favourite perfume over it and wear it on days you need extra TLC.
  22. Wear just long socks and sweaters around the house ;)
  23. Reinvent your skincare routine for winter.
  24. Use a rainy day to clear out your wardrobe.
  25. But don't forget to walk in the rain every so often too!
  26. Discover your favourite warming drink and drink it often. Chai Latte whatchoo sayin'? autumn
  27. Make gingerbread cookies in fun Autumn shapes. And Instagram the shizz out of them.
  28. Invite your friends over for film night and make homemade popcorn.
  29. Organise a craft club with your friends.
  30. Whack the music up and dance your woolly socks off. Literally.
  31. Set your yoga mat in front of the window and take the golden sites in as you inhaaaale and exhaaaale.
  32. Invest in a new coat or bring your favourite one out to play again. I missed you, ol' pal!
  33. But remember it's not that cold yet so you get to wear denim jackets and massive scarves still. Score!
  34. Or big, long jumpers and booties.
  35. Find your new favourite YouTube vlogger and binge on all their videos. This one is mine.
  36. Spend a rainy Sunday in a museum.
  37. Watch a play.
  38. Watch a ballet.
  39. Go to a gig.
  40. Take a class in something weird.
  41. Play with conkers!
  42. Make fun autumn projects with your little ones (or somebody else's)
  43. Wrap up and enjoy bonfire night!
  44. Make caramel apples.
  45. Go nuts on root vegetables. Pumpkin pie please, mummy?
  46. Enjoy your family and friends as much as you can.
  47. Rejoice on the fact weddings and holidays are over and you can start having money again!
  48. Go to Farmers Markets.
  49. Buy new stationary, just because.
  50. Get a pen-pal and rediscover the art of letter writing.
  51. Get creative in the kitchen and have a different soup each week.
  52. Enjoy Oktoberfest.
  53. Get involved with a Charity and give something back to the community.
  54. Go feed the ducks.
  55. Explore the pubs and trendy cafes in your area.
  56. Go sit by a fire.

I hope you enjoy the new season as much as I do!