What I've Learned in 27 Years

Who would have thought it? Only three weeks ago I was blowing out 27 candles on the top of a red velvet cake. As the smallest of six siblings, I've always been referred to as 'The Little One' but now at the tender gateway of the big 3-0 I find I may be outgrowing my sweet little pet-name. Now, I know I am not decrepit but I am that much older than I have been. In fact, this is the oldest I've ever been!

Rather than putting my face into that red velvet cake and finishing the celebrations hidden under the sitting room table, I decided to take a breath, make a wish and thank the world for hosting me through almost three decades. Because, let's face it, the alternative would be so much worse.

This new found wisdom has inspired me to write this post - because I've done a lot, seen a lot and laughed a lot and along the way have perfected a routine that works for me. It might work for you too!

27 Years of Advice:

Here we go, I hope you're sitting down...

- Don't accept what you can't live with.
You don't like your job? Find another. You're boyfriend/girlfriend is a miserable sod? Cut him/she out. You wish you had more money? Work a little harder. Find what makes you feel good and do more of it. Odds are we only have this one life, what are you doing with yours?

- Floss, wash your face and change your undies before going to bed.

- If you have a good idea/though/quote write it down straight away and get started on it as soon as you can. Moments of genius go as fast as they come so make sure you put that stellar concept to good use. I always carry a little pad of paper in my handbag and have a notebook by my bed - I rhyme a lot better when I'm half asleep. True story.

- Listen to your body.
The practice of yoga and meditation has allowed me to develop a careful ear for what my body needs but if you're not into the deep stuff just learn to listen to yourself. Do you fancy a big ass piece of cheese on a standard Wednesday? Have it, you might be low in calcium. Do you have the sudden urge to run for the hills? Put your trainers on, that's the pressure in your body trying to release. Have you slept more this weekend than Garfield throughout the 80s? That's because you're tired. Stop mistreating yourself and feeling guilty about everything. Give your body a little of what it fancies and you'll be less likely to end up hidden in the bathroom at the office with an empty pack of Hobnobs and some crumbs.

- Enjoy your boobs whilst they're perky - they'll be a lot lower down in a few years.

- If you don't have boobs, enjoy something else a lot too.
Work your booty, show off your shoulders, flick your hair.

- Reduce, reuse, recycle.

- Learn to spell. At least the basics.

- Believe in something higher.
It doesn't have to be a god or a church but have a hope for superior things. Don't consider yourself to be the centre of the Universe, be humbled by the awesomeness of what surrounds you and give thanks for it all.

- Be polite.
It's free, it's nice. Don't be a d*ck.

- Always say 'hello' to elderly people on the street.
For all you know, you may be the first person they've spoken to today. Our elders must be loved, respected and appreciated. If you're lucky enough to have your grandparents, visit them often and send them a nice card every once in a while.

- Have opinions.
Read up on the state of affairs, get into debates with your friends and think a little. Inform, transform, learn daily. Never, ever be a sheep. You've been gifted with a brain. Use it.

- Move away from toxic people & energy suckers.
You know exactly who. Move in circles of people who inspire you, cherish you and make you laugh. Give everyone a second chance but figure out when it's time to take your leave. Don't let anybody else's greed/envy/judgement bring you down.

- People die. Love them while they're with you.

- Laugh, cry, love & move a lot.
Feel alive, live fully and keep your spine flexible.

- Learn to do your hair properly.
I've not yet mastered this but at least, I now know I'm more flattered my a loose pony. Figure out what works for you and nail it.

So there you have it. It's taken me 27 years to learn all that... I'm a bit slow, I guess.

I'll keep you updated on what else I discover!

Mucho love,